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  • September 17, 2018
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The 2nd Amendment. The right to bear arms. It is a hotly debated topic nowadays and for good reason. Our country is seeing more and more gun violence, which sparks many people to protest and state we should get rid of guns for good. Other see it as a rallying cry to be prepared in the event they need to fire a weapon in self-defense. The question for the latter group is, how do you learn about gun safety? Quality instruction through a certified gun range is the best answer.  If you are a gun novice, or even if you are an experienced gun owner, a weekend at a firing range can help you hone your skills.

When considering going to a firing range, you will want to decide if you are interested in an indoor range or an outdoor range, and much of that depends on the type of weapon you will be shooting. If you would like to use a hand gun and shoot at paper targets, an indoor range, where it is decidedly cooler, too, might be a good fit for you. An outdoor range might be more suitable to your tastes, and if you enjoy shooting rifles and hitting different targets. But don’t expect to show up and just start firing away; the ranges will start you off in a classroom or have you view a video before they let you just shoot a weapon, so you can learn about what to expect and how to properly handle the gun to ensure everyone’s safety. While this might be the least exciting part of your trip to the gun range, it is certainly the most important!

For those first timers at a gun range, here’s what you need to know to be prepared. If you don’t own a gun or have ammunition, you can rent a firearm and purchase the bullets at the range. By renting a gun first, you can get a feel for it and decide if you would like to purchase that particular model. Make sure your gun is not loaded until you are ready to fire down range at the target! It’s important to not walk around with a loaded gun; this makes people nervous, for obvious reasons. In an indoor shooting facility, stay in your lane and always shoot from the line. Wearing the proper eye and ear protection is imperative; the blast of a single gunshot in an amplified room is enough to damage your hearing.

When venturing to an outdoor range, the safety rules still apply, even though the venue is decidedly different. You’ll find more room at an outdoor range, and better, natural lighting. You can lie down to shoot at targets or stand; various options are offered. Behind the targets, you will see a berm of dirt to stop the bullets; don’t shoot over that berm because your bullet can travel for miles and miles. You’ll also want to be careful not to shoot at the ground because the bullets can skip around and potentially injure someone. While you may think being outdoors affords you the chance to ditch the eye and ear protection, don’t do it. It is equally loud outside as it is inside! Both indoor and outdoor ranges employ people to help you if you have questions; don’t be afraid to ask. They are there to help!

One of the most overlooked aspects of spending time at the shooting range is the etiquette factor. Some simple tips will keep you looking smart and keep everyone safe. When holding your gun, don’t turn around. To illustrate, picture yourself at a bowling alley. You’re facing the pins, ready to throw the ball when suddenly you spin around to speak to your friend while still holding the ball. At that moment, everyone flinches and ducks because they think you might accidently let the ball fly in their direction. Now imagine that bowling ball is a weapon; don’t wing around with a gun in your hand unless you want to put everyone on edge! The first rule of the gun safes okc range is safety.

If you hear the words “Range Cold” then it is time to set down your weapon and walk away for a few moments while people adjust their targets out on the range. Whatever you do, don’t keep shooting! Now is not the time to fiddle with your gun; set it down and walk away for a few minutes and make sure the barrel is facing the range. You’ll want to leave the chamber open to show others it is unloaded. Just remember: common sense, safety and courtesy are the three elements of gun etiquette on a range.

In addition to learning how to shoot guns and target shooting, many ranges offer events like family night, or even a “Walking Dead” night where your targets are zombies! Some have match competitions where you square off against another gun enthusiast and see who can shoot the most targets. There are classes geared just for women, and ranges that offer private lessons to learn to shoot handguns, gun sales okc, shotguns or rifles, or all of the above!

Besides the sport of gun shooting, there are also events geared towards home protection and self-preparedness. In the event of a home invasion, people want to be able to defend themselves, their families and their belongings. Many people also believe that in the event of a home break in or other major catastrophe, having a firearm will be imperative, and learning how to accurately care for it and fire it are key elements. Having the knowledge, planning and quality instruction when using any type of firearm may be the difference between protecting the ones you love or becoming a statistic.

Your reasons for visiting a fire range may vary, from learning to shoot, to target practice, to qualifying for a law enforcement position or for simple home protection. Regardless of the reason you decide to visit a range, knowing what to expect, how to act and how to show respect to others will ensure you enjoy yourself while maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

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