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Finding Monica’s Apartment On Kramer’s Budget

Apartment living is a great way to enjoy the city. It puts you right in the middle of all the action.  If you’re lucky your neighbor Kramer may visit from time to time and borrow some sugar. If you’re unlucky you may end up moving across from your ex-girlfriend.  Whether it’s Seinfeld or New Girl, apartment life is central to many popular tv shows. For better or worse, they inform our opinions about what we should look for.

However, it doesn’t matter what a show tells you to look for.  Chances are you won’t find a deal as sweet as Monica’s (even though rent control made that possible), but don’t let that discourage you from finding a place that makes you happy.  It is essential to know what makes you, as a person happy.

Let’s talk about buildings. In many cities you’ll have new high rise constructions crammed with young professionals.  You’ll also find older buildings with tenants who have been there for years, and maybe even decades. The question here is what makes you happy? Do you feel comfortable with a slower, quieter building? Or do you need something fast paced, where there’s always things going on?

If you’re the latter then you may want to look into a new building.  Although it will be a little more expensive it’s probably where you’ll fit in the best. If you’re ready to slow down, then an older building with established residents might be a good fit. See if you can visit and consider the culture of the building. Do neighbors say hi to each other? Do people seem to get along? If the residents seem largely suspicious of new people, that may be a sign of other things going on that you don’t want a part of.  

The real key to finding the perfect apartments in OKC is the coffee shops.  Restaurants you can go out of your way to visit.  Bars you can go out to with friends, but no one goes across town homes for a coffee shop.  It’s a unique part of the neighborhood and a place where you will be spending an immense amount of time. You’ll want to find somewhere that’s cool, but still friendly, and that serves excellent coffee.  This is without a doubt the most important element in choosing your space. In fact, I’d rather live in a dumpster then live far from a good coffee shop.

What kind of living room do you need? Will you have a tv? If you’re a cool kid who just watches youtube videos all day, then the living room might not be your priority.  However, if you plan on having lots of friends over then you may want to have a place for everybody to hang out. Make sure it’s easy to move the coffee table and get some games going. Can you afford a big couch? If so you’re definitely going to be the place where everybody wants to hang.  

Choosing an apartment in Nichols Hills is an exciting time in your life.  If you’re lucky you’ll find a great space with cool neighbors and fun things to do.  But even if you end up living with a bunch of old people, you’ll still have your own space!

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