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The Pros Of Free Email Marketing Tools

The internet has certainly changed the way we market products and services. Though today there are many digital marketing platforms and tools available, there is no doubt that when it comes to time-tested marketing and online sales promotion, emails still continue to play a big role. This is because it continues to have the desired impact though there may be many who may not agree with this. Of course technology on the internet has moved on and today people talk about social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as powerful digital media marketing. However, there is no doubt that email marketing still continues to be effective provided it is targeted properly and the right email marketing tools are used. There are a number of free email marketing tools which one can think of. However, it is important to have a look at the advantages of using these freely available email marketing tools.

Some Obvious Advantages Of Email Marketing

 One of the most obvious benefits of free email marketingis that it comes for free. For a startup organization where budgets are a big constraint, there is no doubt that such free tools will be a big way forward.

  • There are many free email tools which allow some bit of personalization and for a startup it certainly could help to reach out to new prospects without having to spend thousands of dollars on paid email marketing tools. Those who are looking for a free engagement tool using mail campaigns would certainly find quite a few benefits using the same. Though there are some apprehensions expressed about the deliverability of these free email campaigns but here again if you are able to choose the right tools you could get the message across quite easily.
  • Many free tools also come with a tiered approach which helps the user to take the menu route and reach individual software tools. However, this again would depend on the service provider and such instances are few and far between. Using a free tool, it would be possible to reach virtually the entire globe. If you have a business which needs a global audience and get a move on with your business without having to spend big money.
  • Further there are quite a few free email marketing tools which allow quality social integration, and feature which are customizable and programmable. Those who have limited client base to target would do well to go in for a suitable free marketing tool. Those who would be satisfied with around 15000 promotional mails per month would find such software solutions helpful. If you look around you will be able to come up with quite a few such free tools which also comes video compatibility and this certainly will be a big bonus for you.


 In conclusion there is no denying the fact that for small startup companies it makes perfect sense to go in for suitable free email marketing tools. However, they are at best temporary and stop gap solutions and once the business moves to the next level, one has to go in for paid versions.