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How to Get Stained Concrete Floors?

The floors made of stained concrete are gaining popularity these days as a good alternative to hardwood or carpeted floors. You can get these floors in a stepwise manner briefly discussed here under.

Materials and tools required

In order to make stained concrete floors, you will need tools including a paint roller, airless paint sprayer, and a mop. The materials required for this purpose may include concrete stain, masonry sealer, and grease remover.

Types of stained concrete floors

You can construct stained concrete floors by using two types of products including water-based stain and acid-based stains. In this write-up, we are discussing the installation of acid based stamped concrete OKC.

Preparation of the surface

In order to get the best coverage, you will have to prepare the basic concrete surface by using special cleaners along with cleaning detergent like mastic or paint remover and degreasers, etc. You should, first of all, remove all rugs, accessories, and furniture from the room as well as from its walls so that they cannot get stained. If the concrete surface is old then you should sand it with a sander to polish uneven spots and get an evenly flat surface. However, this step can be ignored for new concrete surfaces. After removing debris you should clean the surface by using citrus cleaners and grease remover to remove any kind of stain from the surface and let it dry for one full day. Repair the cracks if any with a concrete sealant. Use painter’s tape and plastic sheet to cover the walls up to 2 feet from the bottom to avoid stains on them.

Now your floor is ready to get acid based stained concrete flooring.

Application of Acid-Based Stain

  • After preparing the surface you will have to follow the steps provided hereunderto get a stained concrete floor.
  • Step 1:before applying the stain on the entire surface you should try it on a smaller part to know how many coats will be required to get desired results. Now pour the stain in the plastic airless sprayer to spray the stain evenly on the entire floor. In order to create a consistent finish, someone should sweep the floor while you were spraying the stain. After drying the first coat you should apply a second coat to cover the strokes of broom on the first coat.
  • Step 2: Now before applying sealer you should remove the residual acid-based stain. Now use another sprayer to spray a mixture of one part ammonia and four parts water to neutralize the floor. Now use clean water and mop to clean the surface and vacuum to remove excess water and allow it to dry overnight.
  • Step 3: in the morning you can use a synthetic paint roller to spread the sealant evenly on the entire floor smoothly. Two coats of sealant are preferred to get the desired effect.
  • Step 4: Before replacing the furniture and other items removed from that room you should ensure that the floor is completely dry.

Thus, you can get a stained concrete floor of your choice to enhance the beauty of your room.

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